A Time of Love in KOREA - FULL Episode and Themesong

Have you watched LInda in A Time of Love yet? :)

Big Apothecary 大藥坊 - Info, Trailer and Filming Pictures

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[Variety Show] Tailor-Made Tour

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a tour guide for Ekin Cheng, Linda Chung, Alan Tam and Wayne Lai?

Stars Shine Website

There is now an official site for the artistes of Stars Shine, which of course includes our dearest Linda Chung! Find out more!

Love Love Love

A year after signing with Stars Shine, Linda Chung is finally back with a new album. Love Love Love is the popular TVB actress/singer's fourth album... Read More

FILMART 2014 - "All that is Bitter is Sweet" and "Tiger Cubs 2"

Video Clips credit: 小淚_TeArs
Information of Series credit: http://asianuniverse.net/

Cast: Linda Chung, Ruco Chan, Raymond Wong, Natalie Tong, Pierre Ngo, Shirley Yeung, To Yin Gor

A story revolving around a pharmacy. Linda plays a rich girl, whose family runs a large pharmaceutical business. But the pharmacy later gets hit by a huge epidemic. Linda is the first female pharmacist in China, she helps resolve the issue in a strong manner; Linda-Ruco-Raymond-Natalie will be involved in a love square.

The story is interesting since it will be revolving around a female hero protagonist instead of a man (which I often think is the situation).  

Btw the trailer is basically the same as the one released out last year with just a few minor tweaks towards the middle and end.  It's a bit disappointing since I was hoping to see more new clips.

Cast: Joe Ma, Linda Chung, Oscar Leung, Him Law, Benjamin Yuen, Timmy Hung, Mandy Wong, Christine Kuo, Grace Wong, Patrick Tang, Matthew Ko, William Chak, Nancy Wu, Jade Leung, Sam Tsang, Jerry Koo

Following the hit of the last series 'Tiger Cubs', the new one has valiant policemen and undercover policewomen that are fully equipped for another lethal mission; A total of 10 stories, each 2 episodes long. The sequel incorporates more dramatic elements that would make audience want to keep watching, such as the resentment among the SDU brothers. There are more large-scale scenes in this sequel compared to the last. The characters from part 1 will continue in the sequel with addition of new characters. Joe continues as "Jin Sir", he has become even more matured since part 1; Linda plays a cold CIB madam, who is an undercover in the triad. The triad eventually discovered her true identity and traumatized her, which turned her into a ruthless and violent madam.

I liked the first installement, so hopefully this will be able to follow its predecessor's footsteps.
Hmm...Jade Leung is really making a comeback to tvb? She's also in Vinegar Lady.
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[News] Linda Chung Transforms into Singer-Songwriter Composes Theme Song of Her New Series

Many TVB television artists tried to break into the music industry, but several of them couldn't get away from the fate of being an "one album singer". Linda Chung is committed to break this fate. Aside from her desire of holding her own concert, her ultimate goal is to become a singer-songwriter. LindaBB said: "I don't want people to think I'm just playing around." Linda liked music since childhood, she enjoys humming music in the shower the most. She said: "I remember I already started composing music when I was around 9. At the time, my parents heard me hum a melody and asked me what song I was humming? I answered them: 'I composed it!'" Based on this, Linda ran for Miss Chinese International in 2004 and entered the entertainment circle. Linda still had a bitter love for singing and music, but she never thought she'll have the opportunity to launch her own albums. "I didn't think I'll have the chance, so I just concentrated on filming series. I slowly fell in love with acting. Actually a TV series and its theme song are closely related. With a theme song that sounds good, it really helps the series. Every time I shoot a series, I have a theme song in my heart. I would think about this song while I make an outline of how I'm going to portray the role."

Back then Linda got an "admissions ticket" to enter the music industry, at first LindaBB didn't have much confidence: "Everyone had different views. Some people thought a TV actress goes into singing? Is she just playing around? But I want to prove to everyone that I am very serious. When I first stood on stage to sing, I was very nervous and did a lot of homework myself to overcome the nervousness. When you accumulate more and more experience, then you will enjoy the stage that belongs to you and your singing will be even better!"

Lately, LindaBB has started engaging more into composing music. Not only will she be composing the theme song to her new series All That Is Bitter Is Sweet (aka. The Great Pharmacist), she will also be composing a song for Hubert Wu. Linda felt satisfied: "Usually I'm very passive at work, but this time because I wanted to compose my own song, I took initiative to ask my record company if I could give it a try. I gave 10 song demos to my Boss to listen, and to my surprise one of them was chosen. This gave me more confidence."

LindaBB expressed music composition can inspire imaginations, not only will she think about the singer's voice, but she also has an idea of how the MV should be like. Asked what her trick was to composing music? She said: "Composing music is a training of your concentration. When you have the inspiration, then you have to sit yourself down and keep composing it until the 3 minute song is done. If you stop to chat with a friend or eat something, all that on and off moments, then you'll lose the inspiration."

Source: Singtao
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net
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[News/Pics/Clip] Linda Chung praises Ruco Chan as a good swimmer


(video credit: kaka bu@youtube)
Linda Chung (鍾嘉欣) and Ruco Chan (陳展鵬) were preparing a water scene in Sai Kung Town and had to perform a CPR scene which was very romantic. As the temperature was 11 degrees celsius, they ate some chocolates to keep themselves warm before going down to the water. Linda jokingly said that she was very full and worried her stomach might feel bloated. She even bought herself a diver's suit specially for this scene.

When speaking about the water scene , Linda jokingly mentioned that compared to the earlier series, Tiger Cubs II (飛虎II) which she acted, it was less frightening this time. She then said "This is the first time I perform CPR in the water." Also, Linda praised Ruco for having good swimming skills and said "He swims very well like a crocodile." (Did you tell your rumoured boyfriend that you will be filming a CPR scene?) Nope, I am a big girl now and have been in this industry for 10 years."

As for Ruco, he bought a few thousands dollars of diver suit as well and said "I have to jump into water well, lake, sea and swimming pool this time and four water scenes. This is my first time to shoot a scene in the swimming pool and I am looking forward to it. (Feel very happy performing CPR with Linda?) No. I love the sceneries as it is beautiful. (Afraid of Linda's rumoured boyfriend's jealousy?) Why should I be afraid? It does not bother me as we are artiste and this is not the first time acting together. (Any rapport?) Of course and I have nothing to hide."

When asked about the mystery theft incident of Linda losing around $3,000 cash and if he consoled her, Ruco smilingly said "It is better not to bring it up in front of her and remind her of the sorrow."

Sources: ON.CC (1) & ON.CC (2)
Translated by: tvfan @ Asian E-News Portal
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[News/function] Linda Chung Mysterious Loss of $3500, Two "Boyfriends" Comfort Her

Thoughts: Finally some news on Linda, even though it's quite unfortunate that she lost her money :/

(Ruco's caption (made up): Who dares to mess with my 'girlfriend'? // Philip's caption (made up): Dare bully my LindaBB...did you ask my fist first?)

Recently Linda Chung has been busy filming TVB new series The Great Pharmacist with Ruco Chan. Earlier during the Lunar New Year, Linda went to the ATM to withdraw HK$6,000 to prepare to treat everyone pizza, but after she paid for the bill she discovered a mysterious loss of money. Last night, she was carefully dressed for a Welcoming the Year of the Horse event along with the other guest performers Ron Ng and Becky Lee. When speaking of the mysterious loss, Linda explained: "That day bought everyone pizza and the bill came out to be some HK$2,000, then I didn't really use much money in the next few days, but one day when I was paying at the supermarket, I opened my wallet and discovered there was only $150 left!"

Linda was still puzzled as she continued: "I suspected someone stole it, but then again I'm not sure if it was just me being clumsy and dropped it. After all, my wallet is always placed in this work box that I carry around. (Didn't call the police?) At the time, I was still filming outdoors, Just have to treat it as a loss to prevent a disaster. Its a lesson learned. (Did you think a colleague might be the culprit?) No, I wasn't unhappy either, I just told myself to be more careful next time. Of course I should be responsible for my own things and should not go and doubt others. From now on, I'll give my valuables to my assistant to take care of."

As Linda's boyfriend, Philip Ng, accepted a telephone interview and expressed: "She told me before. I asked her to look carefully first. If she can't find it, then that's okay too because she can earn it all back later. (Buy her a gift to cheer her up?) Not necessary, actually Linda is a careful person. She is responsible for everything she does." As for Linda's co-star from The Great Pharmacist and rumored boyfriend, Ruco Chan, he expressed: "I didn't know! Not sure. (Tell her to be more careful?) She has an assistant! Actually I sometimes leave my wallet on the TVB minibus too, I should be more careful myself. Its hard to get back the money you lost. Just have to treat it as a loss to prevent a disaster. (Worried a colleague might be a thief?) No, I have confidence in my colleagues' personal integrity. Lately I have been named the 'King of Forgetting' because I'm always forgetting where I put things. I think its time I hire an assistant myself."

Ron Ng Hasn't Been on Vacation for 10 Years

Ron Ng was very well welcomed at the event, he disclosed to the media that he just got back from a trip to Malaysia and had a great vacation with friends. Asked if any of the friends he went with have possibilities of developing their relationship further? He said: "No, they are all friends I've known for many years. This time, I went on a vacation with friends and family to recharge. Its been 10 years since I've officially gone on vacation." Becky Lee had just completed her first solo concert, and disclosed she will work even harder to earn extra income from stage performances. She also claimed she's still single: "I'm working hard to save up for my 'single lady' savings, so I can buy myself a 'single lady' house."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianunivese.net
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LoveLoveLove Concert 2013 - Video Clips PART 2 (Duets)

While checking up on the old posts of Linda's LoveLoveLove Concert, most clips were deleted from youtube and so I decided to upload some of them up again. Aside from the youtube videos that are directly linked from their original uploader, I 'backed' them up onto blogger as well (that way if the youtube ones were to be deleted, the videos won't be lost).

Kelly Chen's Speech with Linda (video credit c Kwok)
Kelly: Aw, stop crying. I didn’t do much this success is all because of your efforts.
Linda: Thank you!
Kelly: This entire thing is all your efforts, silly girl.
Linda: I’m really happy.
Kelly: Linda BB don’t cry, mommy will give you a kiss.

Kelly: In the past, once we arrive as the judges for the beauty pageant; we would first go to the press conference and all of you beautiful contestants would be on stage. And before we could even take a nice look at you beautiful ladies, the paparazzi would come and ask us “Who do you like?”, “Who do you have in mind?” I knew this was going to happen, so at first I took a good look. Then all of a sudden “ding” the spotlight shines on Linda BB. It’s so obvious isn’t it? And that’s when they said your name, and hasn’t that name help you along your way?

Linda: It honestly helped me a lot.

Kelly: Obviously with my 0.99 of a second when you caught my attention, it proved to me that got a great eye. But with all the success you have now was all done by yourself, don’t you agree? I mean look at all this effort put into it and attitude of wanting to improve yourself everyday right? And most importantly talent; thank you very much.

Translation by Wendy@http://lindachungthoughts.blogspot.ca/
***The Translation above is not of the video below (it was a video on scoop that have been deleted off youtube already), but it did translate what Kelly said to Linda.


誰願放手 ft Kelly Chen (video credit FrenchBull Jess)


愛是 ft MC Tim (video credit garfield Peggy)

就算世界無童話 ft Janice Vidal (video credit FrenchBull Jess)


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LoveLoveLove Concert 2013 - Video Clips PART 1 (Linda's Songs)

While checking up on the old posts of Linda's LoveLoveLove Concert, most clips were deleted from youtube and so I decided to upload some of them up again. Aside from the youtube videos that are directly linked from their original uploader, I 'backed' them up onto blogger as well (that way if the youtube ones were to be deleted, the videos won't be lost).

You're My Other Half (video credit garfield Peggy)


Friendship is so Simple (video credit garfield peggy)


Swear (video credit garfield Peggy)


The Happiest Thing - Witness Insecurity's Theme (video credit garfield Peggy)

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[News] Steven Ma New Song & MV with Fala Chen, Hopes to Shoot MVs with Tavia Yeung & Linda Chung

Thoughts: Hopefully Linda will get the chance to film teh MV with Steven!!! I miss seeing Stevinda Q.Q

Yesterday Steven Ma, Tavia Yeung, Maggie Siu, Cilla Lok, Katy Kung and the rest of the cast of TVB new series Storm in a Cocoon attended the promotional event held at an organic farm in Tuen Mun. It has already been two years since Steven appeared in a TVB series, asked whether he's worried he might break his "TV Rating Lucky Star" image and whether he had confidence in the series? He said: "The TV rating trends had changed in the recent years. Before when a new series premieres, the rating would be at least 30 points, but now I feel a little pressured!" When speaking of his new song releasing on the music charts in March, Steven expressed he invited Fala Chen for the duet and she'll be the female lead in the MV. He personally produced and directed the MV. He said: "For my other two songs, I hope to invite Tavia Yeung and Linda Chung to be the female leads in the MV! (Kiss scenes?) Maybe! (Afraid people might say you're taking a 'public device' for personal use?) At most people may say it's incest! Everyone knows they're my sisters!"

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @ http://asianuniverse.net

*only the part about Linda is posted. View the rest of the article HERE.
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A Time of Love - Korea (Full Episode and Themesong)

Lynne: Couldn't upload this video onto blogger cause it was too long and didn't want to use youtube because it deletes videos like crazy :P Hopefully DM won't be as fast haha. If the video or the link to the themesong stops working, please let me know! Enjoy the video guys and share your thoughts in the chatbox :)

Oh! In case you're interested, this week's episode received a rating of 26pts (credit AEU).

Linda Chung's "Piano Cry"

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[News] Sparks Between Ruco Chan and Linda Chung?

After their collaboration in "Brother's Keeper", Ruco Chan and Linda Chung have been surrounded by numerous rumours in regards to whether they've fallen for each other or not. To be honest, I would be happy if it is true though I doubt it haha.

Here are two recent articles that you can read on Jaynestars (not allowed to be reposted):

Linda Chung and Ruco Chan Act Intimately on Set
The title is so misleading that it was kinda dissapointing when I saw the pictures :P

Ruco Chan Rumored with a New Girlfriend Again
One day they talked about Ruco and Linda acting 'intimately' together on set and the next day they talk about Ruco having a different girl.
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Linda Chung Thoughts is Looking for Help!

First of, YAY I'M BACK! Secondly...I need HELP! As you guys are probably aware, with my studies and everything, Linda Chung Thoughts is more than what I can handle at the moment. I really don't want to give up on the site though, so this is why I'm hoping to look for some people to give me a hand. So if you think you can, please don't hesitate to shoot me an email :)

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